Kentucky Blue Grass Starts at $250

Ecinomical Friendly Kentucky Blue Grass

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Most common grass in the Denver Area.

The most economical and commonly used sod in both Colorado and the United States is Kentucky Blue Grass.

  • Requires 1.25 inches of water a week
  • 4 pounds of nitrogen per 1000 Suare feet of grass per year
  • Can be Mowed as low as 1.5 inches
  • Dog and children friendly
  • Durable against normal wear and foot traffic
  • Drought tolerant

Fescue Buy now for $250

Fescues are known for not only their drought tolerance, but also their shade tolerance.Fescue is also a sturdy, lower maintenance option that is also a great water saver.

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For shadey areas and also drought tolerent

Fescue costs a little more to install, but with the water requirements being less you will recover your money in water bill.

  • Saves up to 15-20% on water, requiring about 1 inch of water per week
  • When fully established, roots can reach up to 3 feet making Fescue extremely draught tolerant
  • Shade tolerant
  • High insect and disease resistance
  • Used in lawns, athletic fields, and parks
  • Has a thicker blade

Bermuda Buy now for $250

Grows on many soils, and makes a good turf if fertilized and mowed right.

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Great for dogs, high traffic, and drought tolerance

Bermuda grass is a very durable and versatile grass used in both residential and commercial landscaping as well as parks and athletic fields.

  • A thicker and lower profile grass.
  • Can be used in most sunny or shady areas, needing a minimum of 3-4 hours of sunlight per day
  • Requires about 1 inch of water per week
  • More drought resistant than any grass we offer by far
  • Excellent wear tolerance and a good option with heavy dog and family traffic
  • Grown by rhizomes, Bermuda fills in bare spots and patches more quickly than the average kentucky bluegrass, so it is great for dogs
  • Requires about 1 inch of water per week

Turf Buy now for $999

Is known for being the best grass for the Colorado climate and weather conditions.

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