Sod Installation Starts at $1500

We will supply the sod of your choosing, Demo your old grass, instll amendments, install Sod

The Amazing Product

Full Service Sod Installation

  • We remove 1.5 inches of your existing grass and dispose of the debris.
  • Rototill 2 to 6 inches to remove excess debris and allowing soil to accept amendments.
  • Install 3 to 4 yards per thousand sq ft of grass of amendments (compost and augmented topsoil).
  • Turn and mix amendments into your soil.
  • Rake and roll the dirt to begin the leveling process, fill in any low spots.
  • Grade any areas by sidewalks 1.5 inches down so sod will be level with the sidewalks and driveways.
  • Check sprinklers system for proper coverage and sprinkler heads for height.
  • Install sod.
  • Clean up, sweep sidewalks, water grasss, set timer to new watering cycle, and water thouroughly.

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