Synthetic Turf Services Starts at $5000

We will supply the artificial turf of your choosing,amend area, and install your new synthetic turf.

The Amazing Product

Full service Synthetic Turf Installation

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  • We remove 1.5 inches of your existing grass and dispose of the debris.
  • Cap and rerout any sprinklers in the turf area.
  • Install weed barier fabric.
  • Install 3 inches of road base material and compact.
  • Install an additional .5 inches of breeze and compact.
  • Install the Artificial Turf of your choosing.
  • Add 1 lb of silica sand per square foot of Synthetic Turf to the top.
  • Attach any seams and pin down Artificial Turf with Sod Pins
  • Brush the Synthetic Turf

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