What Our Customers Say!

Very well organized. They start a project and stick with it until it is complete. Jason has a great eye for detail and David can solve any problem that presents itself. Even in the face of supply problems (the nursery did not have one of the shrubs we wanted), they kept following up until they acquired the shrubs for us. They went above and beyond expectations. We enjoyed working with them.

Marshal B| Centennial Colorado

What Our Customers Say!

Just Sod helped with my rental property. Prior to sale of an out of state rental they installed all new sprinklers, rock, and sod for a very reasonable price, they were trustworthy in getting the job done, and the property sold immediately after. They did an outstanding job! Great local company!

Beth H| Centennial Colorado

What Our Customers Say!

Awesome, hard working people. Love my yard. Will have to have you finish up my front! Would recommend this company to anybody. Thank you all.

Debbie L| Aurora Colorado

What Our Customers Say!

These guys were prompt and consistent in delivering the services agreed upon. They went above and beyond to make sure we were happy and continue to follow up in their actions. Solid group to work with.

Phil H | Parker Colorado

Our Reviews:

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Sod Services

  • We remove 1.5 inches of your existing grass and dispose of the debris.
  • Install 3 to 4 yards per thousand sq ft of grass of amendments (compost and augmented topsoil).
  • Rototill 2 to 6 inches down to remove excess grass, roots, and rocks and begin preparing existing soil to accept amendments.
  • Turn and mix amendments into your soil.
  • Rake and roll the dirt to begin the leveling process, fill in any low spots.
  • Grade any areas by sidewalks 1.5 inches down so sod will be level with the sidewalks and driveways.
  • Check sprinklers system for proper coverage and sprinkler heads for height. ¬†Allow water to run for a few minutes to settle prepped dirt.
  • Install sod.
  • Clean up, sweep sidewalks, spray off sidewalks (water permitting)
  • Water grass and check timer to assure it is on a 3 times per day cycle.
  • Begin the first water cycle to assure proper coverage and pressure.

Sod Sales

  • Provide you with the expertise to choose the right grass for your area and help you to estimate your area for the proper square footage.
  • Provide sod of your choosing (by delivery only).
  • Provide compost and/or topsoil(by delivery only).

General landscaping

  • We remove 1.5 inches of your existing surface.
  • design lines with string line.
  • Install galvanized steel with a rolled to edge.
  • Install weed barier fabric.
  • Install 2 inches of rock of your choice.
  • Install sprinklers and manafold box to standard.
  • install drip line for planting and xeroscape.
  • Install the Artificial Turf of your choosing.
  • Install compost and/or topsoil for sod installation.
  • Install sod
  • Clean up, sweep sidewalks, spray off sidewalks (water permitting)

Synthetic Turf Services

  • We remove 1.5 inches of your existing grass and dispose of the debris.
  • Cap and rerout any sprinklers in the turf area.
  • Install weed barier fabric.
  • Install 3 inches of road base material and compact.
  • Install an additional .5 inches of breeze and compact.
  • Give a final level to assure grade and a perfect flat surface.
  • Install the Artificial Turf of your choosing.
  • Add 1 lb of silica sand per square foot of Synthetic Turf to the top.
  • Attach any seams and pin down Artificial Turf with Sod Pins
  • Clean up, sweep sidewalks, spray off sidewalks (water permitting)
  • Brush the Synthetic Turf

Our Team

We are a family owned business proudly serving the Colorado area for all of your sod and turf needs, and minor landscaping projects. We are accredited with the BBB and currently hold an A+ rating. We have earned a 4.9 star review across many social media platforms such as HomeAdvisor, Yelp, Angie's List, Facebook, and Google. We offer a link to these websites for your convenience to research our business easily under the testimonial page. We never ask for any money down until you are happy with your product. We ask for a rating prior to payment so we can make sure you are happy with your experience. We never ask our customer to take a vulnerable position. We are not the cheapest sod installers in town nor do we wish to be, we are licensed landscapers with the best insurance available, we offer our customers certificates of insurance. We also offer a supreme service with a one year warranty. We go above and beyond on all aspects of the project. If you are interested in the cheapest sod installation in town I have researched extensively and partnered with other landscapers to try and meet your needs. I provide the sod, and insure the project, a sub contractor will install the grass however there is no warranty with this service. These are good for rental properties, real estate agents, commercial properties, and fix and flip properties.... Call Just Sod at toll free 833 JUST SOD 833-587-8763

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This is our first year offering synthetic turf installations. We will work hard for your business and review!. >>

We have hired an additional 3 crews starting 2017 spring season for customer satisfaction. >>

We will be offering 4 different types of grass and 3 different types of turf. >>