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Doing it yourself? We deliver a variety of sod products known to flourish in Colorado’s climate.

Kentucky Bluegrass

If you looking for the preferred choice of lawns in Colorado, choose Kentucky Bluegrass.

The Amazing Product

Kentucky Bluegrass sod..

  • Survives Colorado winters
  • Is Inexpensive and easy to maintain
  • Requires less water
  • Is great for kids, dogs and foot traffic
  • Retains its texture, durability and appeal throughout the year
  • Recovers quickly from heat, dryness, sun and shade
  • Comes back beautifully, naturally year after year
  • Grows into a complementary emerald green lawn platform for family activity, bare feet, play, relaxation, gardens, trees, lawn furniture


If you’re tough on the turf, choose Fescue sod

The Amazing Product

Fescue sod..

Fescue’s thicker blades, texture and vigorous root system extend deeper into the soil. This root system makes Fescue.

  • Saves up to 15-20% on water, requiring about 1 inch of water per week
  • When fully established, roots can reach up to 3 feet making Fescue extremely draught tolerant
  • Shade tolerant
  • High insect and disease resistance
  • Used in lawns, athletic fields, and parks
  • Has a thicker blade

Fescue may need more mowing and reseeding. Our sod experts will make sure you know what to do and how to do it.

Hy Performance Bluegrass

If you want the best sod available, choose Hy Performance Bluegrass sod.

The Amazing Product

Hy Performance Bluegrass..

A blend of two types of superior turf grasses to comprise an elite sod product alternative. It’s more expensive, but..

  • Saves water
  • Needs less sun.
  • Drought resistant.
  • Ideal for rough use by dogs, kids and heavy foot traffic
  • Less demanding of fertilizer and other amendments
  • Disease resistant
  • Superior in its overall appeal, density, color and beauty


If your yard needs are special or difficult, choose Bermuda sod. The various blends of Bermuda grass offer a wide variety of features to meet special needs and conditions. As a significant and long lasting investment, a relationship with a Just Sod expert is important when considering a Bermuda grass alternative.

The Amazing Product

Bermuda sod..

When carefully researched and chosen, the right hybrid blend of Bermuda grass sod..

  • Grows when installed properly
  • Keeps its natural dark color and density
  • Is less susceptable to disease
  • Flourishes in shady areas or intense sun exposure
  • Ideal for sports activity and golf punishment
  • Works well in warm or hot conditions
  • Is a wiser choice when threatened by dry and drought periods

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